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Public Methods Ticker GET https://www.bit2c.co.il/Exchanges/NIS/Ticker.json Returns JSON dictionary: ll - last BTC price av - last 24 hours price avarage a - last 24 hours volume h - highest buy order l - lowest sell order

Order book GET https://www.bit2c.co.il/Exchanges/NIS/orderbook.json Params:no Returns JSON dictionary with "bids" and "asks". Each is a list of open orders and each order is represented as a list of price and amount. {"asks":[[price,amount],[price,amount]...],"bids":[[price,amount],[price,amount]...]}

Transactions GET https://www.bit2c.co.il/Exchanges/NIS/trades.json Params: since - return transactions for the last 'tid'. Default: -6 months. Example: https://www.bit2c.co.il/Exchanges/NIS/trades.json?since=200 will return transactions from the tid 200. Returns descending JSON list of transactions. Every transaction (dictionary) contains: date - unix timestamp date and time tid - transaction id price - BTC price amount - BTC amount

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